About Us

Founded 2002 and an incorporated 2004, Oregon Somali Family Education Center (OSFEC) is a non-profit lead organization dedicated to supporting young Somali refugees and immigrant community and school children and their families in areas of parent education and support, sports and recreation, skill building and health education. This organization will strive to teach Somali students to assimilate into the new school culture while continuing to preserve their own culture.

Our main goal is to serve our community by helping Somali refugee and immigrant families by improving below listed areas by striving to:

  • Increase the school system awareness of challenges facing Somali students and work with teachers to overcome those challenges.
  •   Provide tutoring services to students in need.
  •  Improve and develop student academic achievement strategy.
  •   Increase family involvement in school-based programs.
  •   Provide health education and prevention to Somali families.
  •  Create community events and recreational programs for the summer.
  •  Provide cultural enhancement and preservation.
  •  Advice and support local law enforcement.
  •  Provide information and referral.
  •  Increase awareness of youth gang and support
  •  Create mentorship and conflict resolution program.
  •  Provide early intervention programs for the school age children.
  •  Train leaders for youth leadership roles.
  •  Help and assist financial and scholarship programs.

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